Diamond Med Supplements is an ultimate white label dropshipping partner in Europe. We work with the most popular types of food supplements and vitamins. Our aim is to remove entry barriers to vitamins and food supplement markets by helping brand owners to eliminate the need for a warehouse and inventory as well as order processing and shipping processes, where speed and accuracy are the most important.

Removed entry barriers.
No need for inventory, storage.
No worries about shipment.
No expired, unsold items.

Store products.
Customize labels.
Pack orders.
Ship orders.

MOQ: 1 piece.
Custom labelling.
Processing: 24 hours.
Based in Europe.

Your own brand: YES.
Full order preparaton: YES.

Product storage: YES.
Label printing: YES.

Product packing: YES.
Product shipment: YES.

Here at Diamond Med Supplements we gather a passionate team of business and industry professionals, who are constantly searching for state of the art products as well as efficient B2B solutions. Diamond Med Supplements could not imagine success without sound and lasting partnerships, what means that smooth relations with partners together with highest quality products are our main priorities.

Our philosophy is to work only with products and solutions that we would consume ourselves. This holds for all everything in our shop. We also aim to use local ingredients that originate here in Europe as much as possible in order to ensure a thorough quality control and reduce environmental pollution while avoiding unnecessary long distance transportation. When we have a choice, we choose partners who care about the environment as well.

Now, in these challenging times, when our shape and properly functioning immune system are crucial while fighting the viruses, we are proud to see that our premium products are so well trusted and recognized by the community.

Labelling requirements are listed here: diamond-med-supplements.com/labelling-integration.

Let’s do it together!