Labelling and integration

Label requirements

Dimensions for capsules/tablets: 150mm x 68mm
Dimensions for powders: 200mm x 110mm
Recommended resolution: 300dpi
Recommended color profile: Adobe RGB
Padding: 5mm (please make sure that there is a 5mm of empty space between the label edge and text/images)
Background: white
Preferred formats: pdf, jpg, jpeg, png
Label templates: download here

Label upload

Please provide us with label information in “Label and oder notes” section when placing the order. This can be done in three ways:
1. Upload the label to your website or cloud e.g. Dropbox, One Drive, etc. and provide us with a link to your label when placing the order.
2. Send your label by e-mail to and provide the file name when placing the order.
3. Send your label by e-mail to and request to store it in our database. We will issue a permanent label code. Then, provide us only with the label code when placing the order.

Order process

Step 1: get the order in your e-shop.
(you set the price, you pick the brand)
Step 2: place the order on
(upload you label, enter your billing details, client’s shipping address)
Step 3: we will label the products and ship within 24h.
(only your brand and company details will be visible)

Other integration possibilities

We also accept orders by e-mail, .xls and csv. files. Please contact us for more information using the contact form or by email:
We can also create a bespoke e-shop and integrate it to our system, as well as connect and integrate your current website. For details and prices please get in touch by email: